Pedestrian Accident

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According to national statistics, there were 4,735 pedestrians injured in car related incidents over the last 15 months. On average, an innocent pedestrian was injured every 8 minutes in the United States.

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents regularly occur because automobile drivers are not vigilant in maintaining a lookout for walkers and runners. Your attorney must be prepared to institute litigation on your behalf if the insurance company is unwilling to settle your claim for a fair value.

The Path Ahead

These accidents take place despite the caution generally exercised by pedestrians. The investigation of these accidents is made more complicated by the inherent bias that often exists with members of law enforcement and the public against walkers and runners. The severe, debilitating, and permanent injuries that arise from pedestrian accidents with automobiles, motorcycles, and trucks result in significant financial losses to the individuals involved and their families. However, the law provides an injured person with the right to recover his or her damages from the responsible party. Such damages include medical expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses, and other economic losses. Individuals are also entitled to recover for the pain and suffering caused by their injuries and treatment. The spouse of the injured person is entitled to recover for the loss of the services of his or her spouse. Although a monetary recovery can never repair the damage that is done to the individual, it can at least ease the financial burdens created when a pedestrian is injured in a car accident.

The Fight Against Insurance Companies

The insurance company for the automobile, motorcycle or truck will start an investigation of the pedestrian accident immediately. The insurance company will try to limit the recovery of the injured pedestrian to the lowest possible amount. Accordingly, these companies have established very specific and elaborate procedures on handling pedestrian accident claims, especially in the early stages of the claim.

Determining the appropriate value of a claim for personal injury from a pedestrian accident involving an automobile or truck is complicated. It involves evaluating the nature and extent of the injury, the economic losses that are recoverable, and the liability issues related to the pedestrian accident.


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