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Alexander Shunnarah’s Checklist for New Year’s Resolutions 2022

Every January, you make a long list of resolutions, and every year you forget to complete them faster than the month’s over. How about starting the year with achievable goals that add value to your lifestyle? Alexander Shunnarah offers his New Year’s resolution checklist to start the new year right 

, one day at a time. 

Since the most popular resolutions are about self-improvement, Alexander Shunnarah plans to share his New Year’s resolutions, including his best reads for 2022, fitness goals, and positive affirmations to start the year. Take a look! 

  • Good Reads 

Reading good books should be on everyone’s resolution list. To get you started, Alexander Shunnarah recommends a few books that you should read: “Why Not Win?” a book on living a healthy mindset by Larry D. Thornton.  

“Tribes” by Seth Godin very phenomenally expresses how like-minded people can do amazing things together. If you don’t want to be sheep and instead lurk on fresh ideas, this book deserves a read. 

  • Staying Active 

Health is wealth, and Alexander Shunnarah believes in quality workout sessions to keep himself fit. Even with his full-time job as an auto accident lawyer, he finds some time for short quality workout sessions and extends the same advice to his audiences.  

If workouts are not your thing, you can always rely on morning walks – a great way to keep yourself active and healthy.  

  • Try A New Podcast 

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn and multitask at the same time! Some of the best podcasts recommended by Alexander Shunnarah include Think Fast, Talk Smart”, where Matt Abrahams and Matt Siegel from Stanford talk about the importance of effective communication.  

Wendy Suzuki’s cognitive enhancement through exercise is another excellent podcast on boosting memory and mood.  

Here’s another one – Lewis Howes’ “Build Life-Changing Habits & Become Productive Master.” 

  • Get Inspired by Legends 

Pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself is the only true way to success. Alexander Shunnarah refers to Kobe Bryant and how he overcame his weaknesses to become one of the celebrated basketball players. 

  • Be Smart with Your Money 

Money is essential to everyone and what is more important than that is utilizing your money smartly as a tool. Alexander Shunnarah rightly observes that you will find much more success if you prioritize your business, employees, and entrepreneurial goals over luxury.   

  • Above All, Trust Your Instincts 

Running a successful personal injury law firm is not easy. You need to remain focused and believe in your instinct. Alexander Shunnarah tells his audience to follow their instinct starting this new year and avoid people who discourage them.  

Alexander Shunnarah not just professes personal injury law but also cares about his client’s lifestyle. 

Check out the YouTube video here: 

About Call Me Atlanta! 

With 20 strategically placed offices throughout the southeast, Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys has certainly made its mark. And as the firm expands into Atlanta, Georgia, it will continue to build on its award-winning personal injury litigation capabilities that will only strengthen the full suite of resources the firm will offer clients throughout the Georgia community.  

Call Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys today or visit to get your free, immediate case evaluation. A compassionate intake specialist will take your call, answer all of your questions, and connect you with counsel for further case evaluation.  

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